Cheshire Campaign to Protect Rural England

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CPRE has launched a manifesto - available to download from our website - calling on local and mayoral election candidates of all parties to support the rights of all people to enjoy our countryside and green spaces, promoting a healthier economy and a happier community. 

CPRE is again calling for members of the public to help us to get a clearer picture of any changes to the level of light pollution in February 2019.

CPRE’s new report makes it clear that the Green Belt is still under severe pressure across the country, but the vast majority of the planned 460,000 homes to be sited on land that is currently in the Green Belt will not be affordable.

CPRE Cheshire is calling on local residents to provide evidence that the surrounding Green Belt is of value and should be protected.

An update on Local Plans from around the county.

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Trent and Mersey Canal, Middlewich