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Cheshire Campaign to Protect Rural England

New CPRE Report highlights alarming erosion of the Green Belt

Monday, 06 August 2018 15:43

New CPRE Report highlights alarming erosion of the Green Belt

CPRE’s new report makes it clear that the Green Belt is still under severe pressure across the country, but the vast majority of the planned 460,000 homes to be sited on land that is currently in the Green Belt will not be affordable.

CPRE’s annual State of the Green Belt report (which can be downloaded from the website via the link below) outlines the threats to Green Belt land both through the review of sites in the Local Plan process, and calls for a truly ‘brownfield first’ approach to allocation of land for building. There is currently enough brownfield land available in England to accommodate over a million new homes.

In addition to a push for a genuine ‘brownfield first’ approach to development, CPRE are also calling on the government to:
•    retain its commitment to protect the Green Belt by establishing long-term boundaries
•    halt speculative development in the Green Belt
•    develop clear guidance for local authorities on housing requirements to protect designated land
•    support the creation of new Green Belts where local authorities have established a clear need for them

Download CPRE's State of the Green Belt 2018 report

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