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2019 Star Count: thanks for taking part!

9th April 2019

Many thanks to all those from Cheshire who took part in CPRE’s 2019 star count.

True dark skies are one of the things that are unique to unspoilt countryside. Light pollution in urban areas means that it can be almost impossible to see any but the brightest stars, and this year’s star count showed that over half of the participants (57%) could see ten or fewer stars within the constellation of Orion.

Not only can light pollution have a detrimental impact on our ability to see the stars; it is also linked with poor quality sleep, and can also have a damaging impact on wildlife.

To see the results of this year’s survey, take a look at the interactive map produced by CPRE in conjunction with the British Astronomical Association.

CPRE’s dedicated ‘Night Blight’ website has further information about the campaign, and about changes you can make at home to reduce your own light pollution impact.

Dan Betton