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Jodrell Bank Observatory consultation

1st April 2022

CPRE Cheshire’s response to the draft Supplementary Planning Document relating to Jodrell Bank.

CPRE has considered the three parts and appendices of the Jodrell Bank Observatory (JBO) draft SPD. JBO is recognised by UNESCO for its Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) and was awarded World Heritage Site (WHS) status in July 2019.

The people of Cheshire are proud of JBO role in transformational scientific endeavours and pioneering projects to better understand the universe.

Naturally, CPRE is hugely supportive of planning policy protection to ensure land use decisions are proactive to ensure that any development that takes place across the site and its consultation zone (JBOCZ) does not detract from its significance and this includes its rural setting. New development must not create electrical interference that harms the efficiency of the telescopes, the heritage significance, or the landscape.

Download CPRE’s response

Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope
Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope Becca Nelson