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Delamere Forest

Not only does Delamere Forest offer almost 1000 hectares of woodland and mossland, it is also accessible by train from the Mid-Cheshire line, having its own railway station right in the middle of the forest!

The forest is managed  by the Forestry Commission, and contains a variety of coniferous and deciduous trees. Delamere used to be part of a great hunting forest of the Earls of Chester which covered a huge swathe of the county, dating back to the 11th Century.

Now Delamere offers a massive variety of activities, from  areas used extensively by mountain bikers, to tranquil parts of the forest frequented by families and walkers, and an extensive network of bridleways.

Black Lake, in the centre of the forest, is an SSSI, featuring a floating mat of spaghnum and other vegetation, which supports a number of rare dragonflies, including the white-faced darter.

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Fureya Nelson-Riggott