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Macclesfield Forest

Once part of the Royal Forest of Macclesfield, the forest is now owned by United Utilities, with two of its four reservoirs supplying drinking water to the town of Macclesfield.

There is a paid car park at Trentabank with a snack van, loos and a visitor centre, but also plenty of free parking on the roadside if the car park is full.

There are a variety of routes through the forest offering easy strolls to more challenging climbs, and the views as you ascend make the effort feel worthwhile! But there is alos plenty to see if you stay at lower levels, such as the Peak District’s largest Heronry.

St Stephens, also known as Forest Chapel, is a remote Anglican Church famous both for its isolation and its annual rush-bearing ceremony held every August.


Sunset from Macclesfield Forest Fureya Nelson-Riggott