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The Mersey Forest - 9 million trees and counting!

The Mersey Forest was one of twelve large-scale, long-term tree planting programmes proposed in the early 1990s, with the aim of creating community forests for the benefit of people, the environment, wildlife and the economy.

Through community and partnership working The Mersey Forest Partnership has planted more than 9 million trees – equivalent to five new trees for every person living within the Forest area.

Spread across parts of Merseyside and North Cheshire, the Mersey Forest now covers 500 square miles and offers a great opportunity to experience nature on your doorstep.

Praised as a “visionary concept”, the partnership’s ‘more from trees’ approach brings a whole host of environmentalhealth and economic benefits.

Through a growing network of community woodlands, the forest is providing access to the countryside to hundreds of thousands of people, and playing a vital role in absorbing CO2.

The woodlands change constantly through the season, with different plants, birds and insects to be seen so it’s always a good time to visit! Many sites include a variety of habitats, as well as forest.

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Becca Nelson