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CPRE’s survey highlights the importance of hedgerow to farmers

6th December 2022

Almost 90% of farmers say hedgerows are important to  and their businesses, with the majority calling for further government support with hedge planting

CPRE’s research highlights the importance of hedgerows to farmers in providing nature corridors and support for boosting biodiversity on the farm, and 80% of those surveyed support CPRE’s campaign to boost the length of hedgerows in England by 40% by 2050.

Farmers were surveyed by Farmers Weekly, and over 1100 responded, revealing that lack of funding was the biggest obstacle to planting more hedgerows. However, around 60% have planted some new hedges in the past decade.

CPRE recommends that Government uses the Environmental Land Management Scheme to support hedge planting and sets a national target for hedge planting.

Download the full report here

Becca Nelson