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Update: thanks to those who emailed their MP

6th October 2020

Thank you for emailing your MP!


A big thankyou to all those who emailed their MP to ask them to take part in today’s debate about proposed changes to planning! 39 MPs spoke in total, including Weaver Vale MP Mike Amesbury.
Following the debate, CPRE’s Tom Fyans commented:
‘It’s been clear for some time the government’s damaging overhaul of the planning system is equivalent to demolishing the house to fix the roof. Today we saw backbench Conservative MPs in particular raise the roof of the Commons with a torrent of criticism of the proposals, highlighting how they threaten local democracy, local green space and the ability of local communities to deliver affordable homes. Even the former Prime Minister Theresa May branded these reforms as ‘contradictory to the leveling up agenda’ and demanded that the government ‘think again’.
‘With a Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee inquiry also announced today, opposition to these damaging reforms is beginning to reach a fever pitch and will be impossible for the government to ignore. Instead, we’re urging the government to invest in a locally-led and democratic planning system that prioritises building genuinely affordable homes in the areas that communities need them. That means avoiding any further unnecessary damage to locally-valued green space, while making sure we begin tackling the housing, nature and climate emergencies. We urge the government to listen and put people and nature back at the heart of planning.’




We recently heard news that there will be a debate in the House of Commons this Thursday on proposed short-term changes to the planning system, organised by Bob Seeley, Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight.

We’re hoping to get as many MPs as possible to the debate to ask difficult questions of the government’s planning proposals.

If you want to see new homes built where they are needed, not on unsustainable sites in green fields, and want your local elected representatives to continue to have a say in what gets built where in your local area, rather than everything being decided by a ‘mutant algorithm’, please let your MP know how you feel!

click the link below to take action
Becca Nelson