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‘Missing’ brownfield sites on the Wirral have the potential to accommodate nearly 15,000 dwellings

2nd August 2019

CPRE research highlights the availability of previously developed sites on the peninsula.

The Wirral Society, who represent CPRE on the peninsula, have long highlighted the threats to the Green Belt from high population and employment figures put forward in the Local Plan; these figures have been challenged by CPRE as recently as October 2018, using evidence from Professor David Gregg, Graham Stevens and other respondents to demonstrate that levels are much higher than necessary. Now, CPRE Planning Officer Jackie Copley has conducted research alongside the Wirral Green Space Alliance, finding that the number of brownfield sites available on the Wirral has been under-recorded; land that could potentially site 14960 dwellings currently awaits development, which could drastically reducing the pressure on sites in open countryside.

CPRE Cheshire also responded to the Wirral Local Plan Open Space Assessment Consultation to appeal to the Council to protect as much greenfield land, and to provide green spaces in urban areas where deficits are identified to enable people to benefit from spending time in outside green space.

The Wirral Green Space Alliance (WGSA) is an umbrella group of over twenty local residents’ groups, many with an interest in conserving and enhancing the environment and wildlife in the future. Members value their natural environment for its intrinsic character and for the health and well-being of all who benefit from quality outdoor places, and share an ambition of seeking a sound Local Plan for Wirral that enables the area to prosper economically, socially and environmentally.

Like CPRE, WGSA campaigns for undervalued, previously-developed land to be re-used as a priority, both in order to save as much greenfield land as possible from development and to regenerate former dockland and industrial areas. We hope to work with Wirral Council to highlight new brownfield land becoming available, ensuring that the Brownfield Register is kept as up-to-date as possible, especially in light of the fact that CPRE research has shown that brownfield land is a perpetually regenerating resource.

For more detail, including the list of brownfield sites, areas and potential housing numbers, please download the attachments below.

Looking towards the Wirral from Frodsham
Looking towards the Wirral from Frodsham Fureya Nelson-Riggott